Helen was 48  years young when she passed away on April 27, 2014 leaving behind her loving  husband and 2 adoring children. 

In 2003 Helen began having mini  seizures and she could not understand why. After having consulted with her doctors and surgeon who conducted several MRI's, a tumor was discovered in the  left side of her brain. 
After her first awake surgery to remove  the majority of the tumor, tests showed that it was benign. This was a relief for to her and her entire family. For the following years Helen lived a full  life with her husband as they raised their two young children who were 4 and 5  at the time. They traveled and enjoyed all that life offered. After 4 years of  living life to the fullest, It was suggested that  Helen undergo a Radiation  treatment to further stop the growth of the tumour.  After a series of  treatments, she continued on her daily activities, but that was to be short  lived.

In 2012 after doing scheduled yearly MRI, it showed that the tumour had  grown once again and a surgery was necessary to stop it from further growth.  Within weeks she had her 2nd awake surgery which was approximately in the  same area of the 1st surgery, but this time her treatment became more  aggressive as she was now diagnosed with gliblastoma grade 4 Cancer. The doctors  informed Manuel, her husband, that she may have 2 to 5 years at the most and  will require Chemotherapy treatment to try and remove any remaining cancer.  After 10 months of chemotherapy the cancer had stopped growing and therefore  stopped the chemotherapy treatment. A routine MRI was scheduled in Aug of 2013  and discovered the cancer was growing again. The oncologist and surgeon had no choice but to operate for the 3rd time in Sep 2013. 

In October  2013 Helen was rushed to the Royal North Shore Hospital as the final chemotherapy treatment did not work with her and surgery was not going to stop the cancer from growing. Her speech  had drastically deteriorated and  movements on the right side of her body was extremely slow. After few days in  the hospital her condition began to spiral downwards where she began to lose her speech, right hand and right leg movements. The doctors indicated that the cancer cells  were spreading fast and she would not have much time to live. To the persistent of  the her husband and the family for the doctors to suggest or try an alternative  medication, they offered a drug called Avastin which was known to have good reaction with  brain cancer. It's objective is to prolong life as it's not a cure. 

The  next day Helen was administered with this drug which we, the family labeled as a  miracle drug. Within 14 hours Helen's condition began to slowly reverse, feeling more awake and eating .Within a day she began  to speak, move her limbs and walk on her own. Within 2 weeks, she walked out of  the hospital interdependently and continued to live an active life for another 6  months. 

The 6 months was a gift to us all and to Helen. She  was able to celebrate Christmas and New Year with her family, attending her children's soccer games and other family activities. She LIVED!  She lived a  normal life doing everything she could and believed she would live to the age of  90. 

Unfortunately in April 2014 the effects  of Avastin was not able to fully contain the growing cancer cells.   Helen began to experience the same symptoms that she had 6 months earlier. This time she had exhausted all treatments available for her. 

Helen continued to smile, she smiled and she smiled with out a single complaint.