Helen’s Hope is a non-profit 
organization established in July 2014
in loving memory of Helen Mirzoian. 

"Within days after Easter 2014, Helen became an angel in heaven.  Helen stood up against her brain cancer for as long as she could with always a smile on her face and her favourite motto "It doesn't matter." 

She always showed inner strength and courage despite all the challenges she faced. Helen was an inspiration to all around her, near and far. 

In honor of Helen and all others who have been touched by cancer, Helen's Hope was established for the purpose of giving hope to those who have been directly affected by it. Helen's Hope mission is to find a cure for brain cancer and at the same time provide inspiration and support to those who are suffering. Through this foundation Helen will continue to raise the spirit of others around her. 

The MISSION of Helen’s Hope is to provide small financial or emotional assistance to low income* Brain cancer patients and their families, whose lives have been affected by this disease so the patient and their family can focus on enjoying happy days together.  
“Helen’s Hope” will also donate funds to organizations such as
http://www.snog.org.au/ who are working towards finding a cure.

You can help carry out the mission of Helen’s Hope by making a monetary donation, sharing your talents , services and products, or by volunteering your time.
The success of Helen’s Hope is dependent upon public fund raising efforts and volunteers.

Together we can make a difference in the lives of others."
                                   _Manuel Mirzoian, Helen's Husband

*Low income according to the Australian Taxation guidelines.

Updates- Never Give Up Hope

​Watch SNOG VIDEO:- Sydney Neuro-Oncology Group - a charitable organisation that aims to improve the management of brain tumours through targeted research, http://www.snog.org.au/never-give-up-hope/

What's New

June 17th 2017- NHFC Super league coaching staff keeping warm wearing our SNOG Beanies, Raising awareness and funds for SNOG and Helen's Hope.
Big thanks to the team also for supprting Helen's Hope and SNOG (some pictures to follow)

On Monday 10th of April 2017 I achieved a goal that i had set out to achieve over 2.5 years ago.
My goal was to be able to offer support to cancer patients and their family members as they begin to deal with cancer and treatment.
I'm thankfull that i'm able to be part of the volunteer group of CANSUPPORT at RNS hospital.
Having Hope and being persistant Sure pays off.

What's New

A tour of the research lab at the The Kolling Institute of Medical Research Royal North Shore Hospital on 7th April 


with SNOG members of the research team and Evan.

​Past Event: Sunday Nov 27th 2016 

Helen's Hope Manly Walk - For Cure Brain Cancer Foundation.
Click below to register on team Name Helen's Hope 3. 
For more information about this event click on link below. http://www.walk4braincancer.com.au/events/32/w4bc-manly

Recent Events
*October 2016 donation to SNOG of a jelwery (earings) designed by Harry Georje a De Beers
*Sep 2015A donation was made to SNOG....
*Oct 2015-Donatied "Helens Hope" and Silva the Genie's "Love" talking dolls to children at Weastmead and Sydney Children's Hospitals
To help 
Green Day - Between Aprily & Spirit
 17th - 24th, family and friends helped us raise awareness to the much needed funding for Brain Cancer research by
See photos and read more ...

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